Saturday, June 8, 2013

I don't mean to seem overly inquisitive, but are you alive?

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If that is what you have been thinking in regards to where the crap I have been for the last bit, I am here to tell you, I am, in fact, alive. Quite alive, actually. And well. Thanks for asking. Here's a glimpse at my to do list for the last and upcoming week.

1. Sort, price and sell off every one of my adorable possessions but my laptop, clothes and guitar.
2. Plan an epic road trip that includes (so far): an elephant, Shakespeare, a teepee, wellsprings rumored to hold nigh unto magical healing properties, two beach towns, one of which is Santa Cruz which is on my bucket list, a real live California Mission (I've never seen one), a visit with a life long besty and her baby boy, all in the company of Mr. Fabulous, another life long besty.
3. Creating a new wardrobe that consists of 25 summer dresses and one light weight raincoat.
4. Securing employment in California.
5. Securing hosing in Hawaii.
6. Writing a lesson for Relief Society about how we cannot fail if we do what God asks. (It's not as bad as the time I had to teach a lesson called, "Sacred Family Relationships" on Mother's Day, but the lesson has its inherent challenges.)
7. Rehoming my Siamese. (Sniff! Sniff!)
8. Celebrating a bazillion birthdays, all of which require gifts.
9. Getting a blog called Cookies and Punch (which you will love) up and running with Lady Chief Editor Pants.
10. Crafting goodbye gifts for the families I work for.

Why, you ask, are you doing all these awesome and crazy making things?
To which I am happy to respond, Oh. Because I'm moving, first to Southern California for the summer, then to Hawaii in the fall. See, I'll be finishing up my education in massage therapy and then pursuing my BA in Art Education, proving to the world once and for all that you can have your cake and eat it too. Because really, who's going to get cake and not eat it? Not this girl, no sir.



  1. Awesome, good for you! I took myself back to school when I separated from my husband and am working on a Master's degree. Making futures for ourselves! But PLEASE keep on blogging! I have so enjoyed reading this blog. I needed it. I will guest blog for you if you feel stuck or too busy. There are Mormon people like you and I out there who need this kind of interaction, I promise you.

  2. Karli,

    I am so happy you found the blog! When I started writing it was with exactly someone like you in mind. I think the conversation here helps anyone understand what it's like to be LDS and divorced, which is important, but I am especially delighted to know that I am reaching a member of my intended target audience. I definitely intend to continue writing through the summer and hope to maintain posts while I'm in school in the fall, but I would LOVE to have guest posts. I'm only one person with one life experience and I want all the voices in our situation so be heard! Email me any post you like. I've got my email under the Contact tab. I'd love to hear from you any time. And, just so you know, getting all your comments really made my day : )

    Keep healing! You are not alone in this.

  3. Your comments about selling everything and going out to live life remind me of the ideas in the book "4 hour work week."

    And if you are studying massage... I took a trip to Hawaii and stayed in hostels, and a massage therapist paid his way on his trips by doing massage for other hostel dwellers. It's a business that travels with you!

    Benjamin Traver