About This Blog

I always said there were two things I would never do, because they were really dumb. One was wait for a missionary, the other was get married really fast. On August 10, 2010 The Mr. returned home from his mission. We'd dated one blissful month before he left and were (in my mind at the time) so completely in love and destined for a life of dedicated romance that on September 19 that same year The Mr. Proposed, and on November 12, 2010 we were married for time and all...of the next two years. Our divorce was finalized November 27, 2012--the best and worst day of my life.

To be completely frank, life as an LDS divorcee, at least at first, sucks. There is just no way around it. It's painful, confusing, off-putting, isolating, and infuriating. Devout Yet Divorced Mormons is a blog for those who want to know what the after(marriage)life is like in a family based faith, and have a desire to make it less unbearable. Those of us who took the plunge and found ourselves in way over our heads know that we can sometimes feel a little out of place. We wonder what ward to attend, who our peers are, where to go next. We are neither here nor there, yet here we are.

A tragedy too common is that during this time when we most need the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we feel so alone or displaced in this church of families that we turn away to a world of distraction and confusion instead of to Him. In my personal experience, this has only slowed healing and added to confusion. In this blog I hope to build a community of support composed of both those who have undergone the life altering experience of losing one eternal love, and those who love us still. If you are devout and divorced, you are not forgotten, you are not unnoticed, and you are not alone.

*Post questions and comments freely, or  feel free to email imogenfrowfrow@gmail.com.  Every voice raised illuminates one lonely, dark corner of this space we inhabit.


  1. Thank you so much for your blog. It pushed me to writte a blog about divorce in french.

    1. Winy Ngo Um, I'm so glad to hear that you have drawn strength from this blog. You are strong, capable, and you are helping more people than you know. !hope the project is going well and that life is improving for you.